How’s your week going? Christmas is almost here, which means in less than two weeks we’ll be saying ‘Happy New Year!’ 😊

I finally decided to take my blog out and by this, I mean making this blog public, sharing it on social media and telling everyone about mystylemirror.

I’ve been trying to put a lot of things in place for the blog but I realised if I keep waiting, this blog will only be known by me. Sad right? So no more excuses or hiding, I’m just going to start.

I’m sharing 10 things about me you don’t know.


1 . My full name is Chidinma G. Ndukwe Kalu

2 . I’m from Abia state but was born and brought up in Port-Harcourt. I also school here and I’m legit tired of the state already.

3 . I hate talking to strangers because they make me feel vunerable but I don’t mind getting compliments from them, it totally makes my day.

4 . I love love perfumes! Basically, anything that smells nice has my heart.

5 . I have to be the slowest person who cooks. I just love to take my time when cooking.

And did I mention i love cooking?  Well I just did.

6 . My favorite sport is swimming even though I only know how to do a backstroke.

7 . I hate clumsiness. It’s a huge turn off.

8 . I can be really annoying at times but one thing I’m not is a drama queen.

9 . I love to listen to people that have/fake accents. This is almost the only reason I love snapchat and listen to the radio.

10 . My greatest fear is the future. Reason being that I don’t know what it looks like. *Inserts scary emoji

What are your thoughts about my blog? What would you love to see or read? Please leave me a comment.

Chidinma Ndukwe

10 thoughts on “NEWBIE II |GET TO KNOW ME

  1. Lol… @funny accent. #SnapchatDiaries


  2. Nice to meet you Chidinma. This is an interesting read!


  3. I am coming for that sandals😊


    1. Hahahaha that’s if it’s your size😋


  4. Lovely outfit chidima😘


  5. Very nice to meet you
    I’m a new blogger 😊


    1. Aww same here dear. Welcome to the blogosphere 🤗


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