Currently I Am…

I’m back guys! I’ve not posted anything on the blog lately and i apologize for my absence. I decided to share with you what I’ve been up to lately by doing a ‘currently i am…’ I first saw this post on Ifeoma’s blog and I decided to do something similar since I’ve been away from the blog for a while now. Please let me know if you’d like me to continue with this kind of post in the future. I’m here for your suggestions 😉

So, currently i am ​

Wearing alot of ripped jeans and ankara prints. You won’t believe it if i told you i wore ripped jeans 3times in 2016. LOL it was that bad. So, lets say 2017 is a year of wearing alot of ripped jeans and shirts. Please remind me incase i forget. ​​

Appreciating you, my lovely readers. Like, i just started this blog and there is someone who reads it. That’s enough for me. Y’all are the real MVP’s and I appreciate everyone of you for your time.

Drinking lots of zobo juice. My sister makes them and its really nice. I literally take one evryday. 

Listening to a lot of sia’s music especially her 2016 album ‘This is acting.’ I listen to her songs to relax my mind. I intend to create a playlist for valentines day, can you suggest any song? I already have shape of you by edsheeran on my list.

Planning to buy things at the market later today. I might end up not going. 

Feeling very sleepy. I’m not fully awake i guess

Craving grilled fish  

Excited to go back to school after a long ass break that wasn’t expected. I’ll definitely get tired of school after a month of stress.

Can’t wait to be done with this degree. 

Thinking about My blog and school. Asides planning, how do you balance school and work/other curricular activities?

Reading Lots of things online about branding and how to grow a blog that I forgot i have a big book to read.

Anticipating the makeupfair in march. I know its a bit far, what a girl gotta do? 

There you have it guys! What have you been up to lately? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Currently I Am…

  1. Great post ,love that dress on you


  2. I like it💝


  3. You listen to sia❤❤❤❤


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