School Bants

Today was my first day in school for the session and i can say it was a good one. Final year be staring at me like ‘are you ready?’ Well, i am but man! This 7am classes ain’t doing your girl right. I was late for school today but not too late to miss the class/lecture.


I was in a rush to dress and makeup today that i forgot to blend my foundation well LOL it happens tho. My makeup has routine automatically changed because I can’t contour/glow under the condition we learn in.Its really that bad, you don’t want to know plus i don’t even have that time (7am class won’t kill me sha).

I just had to throw in this tee and my fav slides came to my rescue since I can’t afford Tzar slides😩

I’m not much of a corporate person. Sometimes i wonder how I’ll cope when i get my dream 9-5 job. When we get to the bridge we’ll cross over!

I was literally begging Annie to snap me here 😂 Annie is my friend and coursemate who is a pain in the ass (you can tell from the picture)

I was so happy to see my friends and coursemates all in one piece. Thank God for that. 

Well, i still have a 7am class tomorrow so i have to go get ready. 

T-shirt : @Kemzytrane

Slides : Thrifted

Thanks for reading 😘💕

5 thoughts on “School Bants

  1. Love Love Love your T-shirt!
    All the best with finals: it will, probably, be the only year you will remember forever.

    Oréoluwa’s blog


    1. Thanks for the kind words dear! I’ll definitely hold on to it 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Huh this your t-shirt mean something that’s is deep, but I keep my mouth 😷😷😷. Love sha 😍😍😍


  3. I love your tshirts. Grateful post too


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