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Few hours to Valentines day already guys! Yet another day when all the red dresses in our wardrobes come out to play. Personally, i feel everyday is a valentine’s day since it’s all about showing love and being loved. It’s not just for those with boos and baes, it’s actually for everyone.

If you don’t have a date or you don’t know how to celebrate yours please hit me up, let’s do this! 😁

Well, I saw this post on Oreoluwa’s blog and decided to answer her questions about Valentine’s buhaha…

Here we go!

LSOO : Are you currently in a relationship? (too personal, please skip)

Yes, i’m in a relationship.

What is your love language? (physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, act of service, gifts)

Quality time and gifts. I love gifts a lot too. Who doesn’t?

Do you consider Valentine’s Day a big deal? If yes or no please say why

Yes! I’m a sucker for love and if there’s a day to celebrate it ( which I personally think is too small) why shouldn’t we be happy and appreciate it?

What is your ideal valentine’s day outfit?

This sould be my ideal outfit but in gold.


Red or pink lips on valentine’s day? 

This totally depends on my outfit. Since my imaginary dress is gold, i’ll definitely wear a red lipstick.

Homemade or store-bought gifts? 

I really don’t mind which. Its the intentions that matter most.

What movie will you be watching on valentine’s day?

First, the cinemas will be so crowded tomorrow that the cost of seeing a movie might triple overnight so i’m not interested. I’ll also be busy with school tomorrow that i might not have the time for a movie. Let’s see how it goes…

What is your valentine’s day memory?

Sharing love/friendship cards, frames, sweets and flowers but that was all in secondary school. It was lovely.

How will you be spending this year’s valentine?

I want to do a lot of things this Valentine’s day but it just had to fall on a weekday. I intend to give myself a special treat, make a new hair, get my nails done (girly things) and then go out to eat amala and Ewedu soup as suggested by Annie but I doubt I’ll have time for all that because of school work. I don’t know how my day will look like, I might end up going home to sleep after school tomorrow, Bleh!!

Anyway, have a wonderful time with your loved ones and be safe!

What are your plans for Valentine’s day? You can answer the questions above in the comment section. I’ll love to read your replies.

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Chidinma Ndukwe

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