Trends I’m Currently Loving

Yeahhh! First post on this category, fashion! 

Lately, a lot of trends has popped up in the fashion scene and i’m about to show you some of them, just incase you haven’t noticed. I thought i should share with you some of these trends i’m loving and which hopefully, i’ll love to try.  

Exaggerated/flared sleeves and bell sleeves 

I was on the look out for this trend in 2016 and somehow, it becomes a trend in 2017! How cool is that? If you are not good at dancing then you should consider wearing a flared sleeve blouse. All you have to do is swing your arms. My only fear of wearing this is getting the sleeves stained with either makeup or food 😫 


I remember when wearing fishnets used to look sluty. It still is, depends on how you wear it tho. Nowadays a lot of fashionable ladies have started wearing it in a way i feel is wearable (if that makes any sense). Wearing your fishnets underneath ripped/distressed jeans is a sure way to hang on this trend. What i love about this trend is the fact that these fishnets come as socks asides the leggings. I’ll definitely be trying out a look with fishnets when i find where to buy them for a reasonable price. Can you guess how much i saw a pair?

Block heels 

If you’re not the 6/5 inches heel type of girl then this trend is just for you. It comes in a lot of varieties, mules, sandals and most especially, shoes! Its so easy to dress up with block heels beacause they literally match different outfits. So ladies, when next you go shopping do well to get yourself a pair of block heels. Don’t say i didn’t tell you.

Layering | the slipon dress


Layering is one of my fav trends right now. With this trend, you’ll definitely want to wear a lot of clothes, from layering tees to gowns and camisole but not with the situation of the weather right now in Nigeria. Except you’re not wearing thick fabrics. I’ll definitely try layering my outfits very soon.

Pajamas | wearing night dresses out

This is one trend i never want to be seen wearing maybe until much later, when i change my mindset about it. Ask me why. Lol I feel it’s difficult to rock your pjs outside without looking funny. I guess this was the reason a girl was made fun of for wearing hers to school last week. She looked really confused *sighs. Well with the right colour of pjs and minmal/statement accessories, i guess you can pull of this look effortlessly.

Pictures are from Pinterest, @iniwura_buttons, @fiolakemi, @2pitchy

There you have it guys! Would you wear any of these trends? How would you style it? I’ll love to read your reply.

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Chidinma Ndukwe

10 thoughts on “Trends I’m Currently Loving

  1. I’m in love with those trends too. The bell sleeves, fishnets and robes which reminds me of my times in Japan. Block heels I would hate couples years ago, but the age is coming and been injured on my ankle doesn’t let me wear heels so the block heels is the saver. But my fave that u will post on my blog soon wearing is the brallete ou top over ur clothes has been my fave since I have small breast and I feel I can use and abuse of it.


    1. Thanks for reading Jelly. I love bralettes too, they’re perfect for girls with small breasts and it’s a versatile wardrobe item.


  2. I love Flared sleeves and mommy Jeans like there’s no tomorrow.
    Nice blog dear.


    1. Thanks for stopping by dear! I love mom jeans too. They’re super trendy


  3. Love your sense of style ♡


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