Favs From Last Month | March

Hi! Pardon my inconsistency, i’m working on it already. This is a long overdue post which i’ve finally decided to publish. I’m being hopeful about this new month as regards school, my blog and life in general. I guess its okay for me to say ‘Happy new month!!’ 

I’m starting a series where i’ll share 5 things that has kept me locked up during the past month(it could be more). These are things I consistently find my self using and maybe stuffs i see online that i just love. I hope you enjoy.

Beauty : I’m a beauty/skincare enthusiast as you may already know. One of the beauty products that saw me through last month was the Orìkí illuminating enhancer. I talked about it here. Unfortunately, it’s finished but i’m hoping to get a new one soon but before then, I’m falling back to my normal skincare routine. Want to know about it?

Fashion: I’m not much of a fashion person especially when it comes to jumping on trends but this past month I’ve seen myself admiring crocs and mom jeans. Not because they seem to be trendy. I find them comfy and you know I’m about being comfortable in my outfit. What are your thoughts about wearing crocs outside the bedroom?


Food : I dunno if its right to say I’m a foodie even if i don’t always eat? Well, i just like good food, dazzal! Last month i followed about 3 food accounts on IG, adding to the other 2 i’ve been following in the past. I can’t wait to try out their recipes though, but that would be after my exams this semester.

Hair : I’ve been admiring the WeNaturals hair kit but when i made up my mind to buy the kit in large, i was sent the wrong products, KUI hair care which i find really annoying. For now tho, i’ve decided to stay clear from buying things online. Seems i have badluck with online shopping. Like, how can one person be sent different wrong items from 2 online stores within 2weeks? I’m like, how did this happen? Has anyone tried KUI brand? How much would you rate their product on a scale of 1-10?

Random : This is just random and weird because i keep asking myself what other things i could do to make me forget about checking my phone for at least 1hour. But as random as it is, i still have no answer. My phone is my companion.

Ps : Pictures are from Instagram. You can check my page @chidinma_n

How did march go and what have you been up to lately? I would love to know. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave comment. Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Favs From Last Month | March

  1. I’ve loved mum.jeans since they popped back up but I am yet to find a pair that suits me. Instagram is cool right? You discover so many useful pages!


    1. Hi, you can find nice mom jeans online, especially on instagram. There are tonns of online stores that sell mom jeans. I hope you find one soon! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. keziamacbruce May 10, 2017 — 2:40 pm

    I’m not a fan of crocs outside the house. But I honestly think they are cute


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