Pr‪o‬duct Review | Deeza Organics Tea Tree Face Mask

It’s the weekend! We gonna have some fun… (complete it) *inserts dancing emoji*

Hi dear! How’s your weekend going? Mine started since wednesday but i decided to focus all that time on school work since my exams is in 2weeks. Well, i thought of putting up this review today, since saturdays are for relaxing.

Remember i said i was going to put up a review on this product in my last beauty post, here it is guys, it’s a tea tree face mask from Deeza Organics.

Deeza Organics is a brand that sell natural skincare products, essential oils, body soffule, massage oils and also offer skincare tips and advice.

First impression : To be honest, when i first saw this product online i thought it to be a peel off mask, not untill i tried it. I was so disappointed but that didn’t stop me from using it though.

Packaging : I’m not really a fan of the packaging of this product. I would have loved if it came in a prettier can and if the writeup was a bit colourful and bold.

Quantity : The face mask is in liquid form and it comes in a 200grams cup which could last for over two months, depending on how you use it.

Key ingredients : Tea tree oil

What it says : “Acne control – wrinkle and spot remover”

Apply mask to damp face, rinse after 10 minutes.

How i use it :  I use this product either before or after cleansing my face, depending on how i’m feeling. I use my fingers to scoup the quantity that’ll be enough (a little can go a long way) then i spread it all over my face, neck and chest and i wash off after about 10-15 minutes (I’m extra like that) and then i apply a moisturizer to avoid my face from looking and feeling dry.

When i started using it, I usually applied it every morning and night but now i use it 2 or 3 times a week just to avoid my skin from getting used to it. I also used this product along with a serum from Oríkì but now that the serum is finished, i only use the mask.

Final impression : I’m so glad i bought this face mask. It has kept my face clear from pimples, especially the pimples that come with periods. I don’t have black spots on my face but the drak circles under my eyes seems to have been unnoticed since i started using this mask and that’s a plus i must say.

This happens to be the only product i’ve bought from an online store without regretting doing so, The customer service is the best i’ve received so far from buying things online.

Where to buy : @deeza_organics on instagram.

What product do you use on your face? Has it been helpful? Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment. Thanks for reading, till next time.


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