Boost your Business | She Leads Africa x Facebook 

No, i did not abandon my blog nor you, my readers! A lot has been going on and that’s why i’ve not had time to put up a post. I can’t believe its been a month since i last posted here, but guess who’s back? Me!

Last weekend i was at the boost your business training hosted by She Leads Africa(SLA) and i must say, it was worth it. A lot of things were discussed on digital marketing which i found helpful.

SHE Leads Africa is a platform for Africa women in different sectors- politics, business, social enterprise, etc breaking boundaries and creating impacts in their respective professions, women who strive to be better and also empower/inspire other women.

During the training session, we were taught the elements a business needs to grow and be profitable, the content you need to retain customers and keep them engaged, and finally how to grow your business. Incase you were wondering, the training was not just for people who sell products. It was also for people ple who provide services, such as bloggers. And guess what? It was free of charge! Isn’t that just awesome?

I’m so glad i attended this training as i was almost ditching facebook for instagram and twitter but right now, i think i’ll be using facebook to boost my business *drops smiling emoji* I also met some cool business owners, we networked and had fun. 

I’ll just drop a few of the things we were taught at the boost your business with SLA and Facebook.

  1. Know your business goals 
  2. Know your audience
  3. Pick a subject to talk about
  4. Create a personality for your business 
  5. Be consistent 

A lot of things were taught on how to use Facebook to grow your business, how to use facebooks ads to reach your specific audience and also generate good results.

I found out a lot of things i’ve been doing wrong and how to correct/improve. I can’t wait to start using the tips i learnt. You can follow them on Instagram/Facebook @sheleadsafrica to know when a training will be holding in your city. Trust me, every business owner needs digital marketing tips for their business. Thanks for reading.

Chidinma Ndukwe.

Have you heard of SLA? Did you attend any of their training sessions? How did it go?

4 thoughts on “Boost your Business | She Leads Africa x Facebook 

  1. oh nice. I am guilty of neglecting facebook for Instagram because I felt it wasn’t too important *hides Face* I’m glad for a reminder that no social media network especially not FB is unimportant. nice post. where was the SLA programme hosted tho?


    1. Yes, a lot of us are guilty of that. It was held in port harcourt.


  2. Welcome back to the blogging sphere. Thanks for all the wonderful tips on digital marketing looking forward to more.


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