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Tees are one of my most favorite and handy things to wear, any day, anytime. As a matter of fact, I've been wearing t-shirts almost everyday to school since this semester, not until ASUU has decided to go on an indefinite strike.

Inscription tees however, are my go to especially when i want to make an entrance to an event and i want my outfit to do the talking. I feel its a very good means to express myself without saying a word, pass a message to others and also be playful.

So, I decided to style this Rihanna inspired shirt with the inscription "SCHOOL KILLS" (not literally). I was going for an edgy look but i think it didn't quite turn out as i hoped, what do you think?
Shirt is from @bespokefutureng (on IG)

Disclaimer : Even though I'm currently at a stage in school where i feel really clueless and frustrated, I'm not trying to pass a bad message about school with the tee, don't get me wrong. Just as i will tell every person that questions me about this tee, I'm also going to tell you, "its just a writeup, don't take it too serious".

Back to today's post, I'm just here serving some street style look. This look can be worn to a fashion show, outdoor party or for a weekend getaway.
You can also decide to switch up the look by wearing a white sneakers and replacing the face cap with a sunglass. Whichever way you decide to style yours, make sure you're comfortable and stylish.

How would you rather style a tee and skirt for a street-style look?

Please leave your comments below, I'm always happy to read them.

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10 thoughts on “Style Inspiration | Street Style

  1. I’m a sucker for inscription tees tho. This look would have been perfect if you had sneakers on. For me I’ll be wearing this with jeans and sneakers or flats depending on the occasion.


  2. Girl you know how to dress up like a star. I love the pop of pink that you brought to it. And concerning school I think we all feel like that at one point in our lives. Just focus on school for the certification and then follow your passion. Well done girl.


    1. Aww thanks a lot dear. I’m putting in more effort in school right now because i want the best and I can’t wait to be done ASAP! I’m definitely gon follow my passion😍💕


  3. Cute dear

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Very Urban! Nicely put together too..


  5. The skirt is so pretty. And matching it with the face cap looks so good. Go girl!!!


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