Insecurities and How to Deal with It

While growing up, even now, most of us have encountered or had one or more insecurities that has stopped us from doing certain things. You can either be insecure about your height, shape of legs, receding hairline, etc. but this doesn’t mean we should let these insecurities rule our life.

I used to be Insecure About:

-My lips. They’re full and black so peeps used to ask me at a very young age if i smoke. LOL

-My tiny legs. LOL Until i found out some people were insecure about having fat legs so i had to accept mine.

-My edges. They never ever grow! SMH

-My small body (petit). During my final year in the university, people usually asked if I’m a year one student. Some of my friends even tease me that I don’t ever add up no matter what i eat, meanwhile, at home, I’m called “Orobo” (fat in English). Well, right now i really wish I could remain a size 8 for a really long time. Hahaha

How To Deal With Them

1. Admit your insecurities to yourself. When you have a problem and you admit to it, it only means you’re one step closer to solving that problem. The same lies with insecurities. Take out time to either write down or bear it in mind the things you’re insecure about.

2. Admit to others that you have insecurities. Reaching out to family and friends, or people you trust and sharing your insecurities with them will help a lot. You might get scared of what other people will say or do if they found out your insecurities so i advice you share them with people you know first, then open up to people you don’t know quite so well. This way, you have a real situation to deal with.

3. Avoid all those who try to take advantage of your insecurities. Yes, some people will try to always remind you of your insecurities and some will want to take advantage of them. However, avoiding such people will guide you in your journey to overcome your insecurities. For instance, i used to be really insecure about my lips and i had people telling me I’ve got black/full lips. I simply reply with “I know”. This way, people are able to know that you’re aware about a particular thing/feature you’ve got (wether you’re insecure about it or not).

4. Replace negative self-talk with realistic/positive self talk. At some point in my life, i used to think a lot of negative things, i still do but not as much as before. I’ve come to realize that positive thinking can actually change our way of doing things.

5. In all these however, one thing I’ve learnt is to be grateful to God for where i am and how he has created me. I’ve seen a lot of people in different bad situations and all I could say and still saying is “Thank you Lord”.

What are you insecure about? Have you overcome any of your insecurities and how were you able to do that?

I’ll love to know in the comment section.

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Chidinma Ndukwe

9 thoughts on “Insecurities and How to Deal with It

  1. We share similar insecurities lol
    I hate my tiny legs and getting older my knees started to get darken . I barely wear something so short now. But we all have ours and more we grow, more we stop on top of them .you are very pretty and your smile is contagious!!! Stay blessed!


  2. At a young age I was very fat like a size 18 but I went to a boarding school and reduced to a size 10. Hallelujah!!! Right? Here comes the real story.When I started adding weight again, I became very conscious of my size,sometimes I don’t go out. went to gym and everything, my tummy is my real problem. Right now I’m a size 12 …. Still conscious buh I’ve learnt over time not to let it bother me. What are waist trainers for? Lol


    1. LOL you go girl! Self love is all that matters 💪🏽❤️
      Thanks for reading.


  3. I am insecure about my breast and i am very shy about it. I select the kind of clothes i wear because of it. I can’t even think of wearing a bikini, whenever i go to d pool i wear a small bra (foam) in my swim suit so I’ll feel comfortable around my friends and other females. Recently i started accepting the way i am because i know God created me this way. I can’t say i am completely over it but there is progress. This post really inspired me to share my insecurity. Thanks Chidinma, i really enjoy reading your posts.


    1. Aww I’m glad there’s progress on the journey to overcome your insecurity. It’s not easy but you’ll definitely get there; and thanks for stopping by, I appreciate.


  4. i used to be insecure about my boobs; everyone around me was getting pumped even my younger sister except me!!! It was really disturbing until I knew I had no control and had to accept it, at least i had genes to have butt so I just rested lol


    1. Lol. Sometimes family/peer pressure can be annoying but God will always see us through all that.


  5. Hi. I just found your blog yesterday and I’m hitched. I used to be insecure about my teeth and I lowkey still am cos I try not to smile in pictures sometimes. But, I’m a very happy person and I find it very hard to hide my joy and so I just let it out and smile and that’s how I’ve overcome this insecurity and lot of people actually compliment my gap so that’s something


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