Fashion Trend | Gingham x Two ways

I’m not one to jump on trends but seeing that the year is gradually coming to an end, there are some trends I wished I tried earlier before now and this is one of them. The gingham is one of my favorite trends of 2017 asides many others. Its funny how fashion items abandoned long ago come back to exist as a trend. It’s like a recycled thing and this is one of them.

If you went to a boarding school as a child in Nigeria I’m very sure you’re familiar with this fabric print which is usually referred to as “check” or “gingham” and it comes in different colours. You just have to pick the colour that suits you.

However, getting this top wasn’t a hassle for me, I mean, after seeing a lot of styles in gingham, I really wanted to try it and on a very good day, when I least expected I saw this top hung at a thrift store for as low as two hundred naira. The rest is history now as I also got a gown in this print (it was steal day for me). Sadly, I’ve only worn this top once and decided it should make an appearance on the blog.

On this post, I styled it in two ways and both can pass for street style looks. I’m an advocate of ‘simple and comfy’ hence the sandals.
I love to show off my legs sometimes and since we’re in the festive season, I had to throw in this red shorts. I honestly would have loved pairing this look with a vans sneakers but I don’t own one and I doubt it’ll match hahaha!

The second look was not really something planned. While changing up, I first wore these hareem pants and decided to take a few shots with it on my gingham blouse and that’s how the second look came about.

Well, what’s your favorite look from the two? I’m in love with the first one though.

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Chidinma Ndukwe

5 thoughts on “Fashion Trend | Gingham x Two ways

  1. I love how you paired this,
    Red is a killer color
    And the shorts did it for me.
    Red shorts is everything😍😍
    I bought a gingham print trousers and unfortunately for me, they were too tight.
    I’ll definitely be on the look for more cloth items with this print.


    1. I agree with you dear, red is always a killer colour! Thanks for reading 🙏🏾💕


  2. Hey Chidinma, I really love the second look! Where did you get the harem pants?

    My Fashion Musings


    1. Hey dear Subomi, thank you. The pants is from an Indian set i own.


  3. Okay am an advocate anything that covers my legs so look two, and it just had the mature feel to it. Look 1 is a yes if am going for a festival or concert show. Both looks are still win-win.


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