A Tour | Port Harcourt Pleasure Park


A few days ago i was able to pay a visit to the only fun park in Port Harcourt and it was such an amazing experience with my girls. If you’ve never been to the Port Harcourt pleasure park please keep reading but if you have and you also intend visiting this festive season, I suggest you continue reading. There’s a thing/two for you to know.

Well, we (i and my friends) got to the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park at the early hours of the day. At first, we couldn’t locate the entrance because we all thought it was somewhere else, until we noticed we were all wrong.

We finally found the entrance and was searched before entering, then went to the main gate where we were briefed about prices and all it entails. I was busy taking shots so I couldn’t pay attention to what was said but we finally paid 500 Naira each to enter the park and take a tour. I also know that for you to enjoy everything park has to offer, asides food, you’ll have to pay a non refundable fee of 3200 Naira for adults and 2600 for kids.

I couldn’t get a very good picture of the price list because the security guard there had a stern look on me that made me feel insecure lol so please, manage the one you see.

PS : When you approach the entrance of the park please do well to cross over to the walkway instead of walking on the tarred road in order to avoid any accidents as anyone driving in won’t be able to notice people walking on the road fast enough because there’s a bend.

Inside the park, there’s a sculpture of Santa which i think is very thoughtful of the people managing the park, being that it’s almost Christmas. Trust me to take pictures with Santa; even though the kids i met there wanted me to leave Santa for them. Typical of kids right?

There are lots of recreational activities to do in the park, mostly for kids; a mini pool for the kids, a 30mins boat cruise, anyone can go on this ride but most importantly, you have to pay a fee at the entrance of the park to avoid any embarrassment from the security guard. The boat ride is for about 30mins long or so, depending on how many people are on queue and it carries a maximum of five passengers which totals to 2,500 Naira (500 Naira each) There’s also a bull dog ride for 300 Naira.

I love the fact that there’s a restaurant at the entrance of the park which also has a Karaoke and guess whaaatt? It’s totally free!!! Yaaaas! You read right! You only have to purchase anything from the restaurant, even if it’s a drink. Fair enough right? And there’s this painted wall ( i call it Wall of Fame) because that’s what it is. If you ever get to visit the park, do well to take a picture with the wall, its just behind the restaurant and i bet you’ll definitely love it as a backdrop for your pictures.

I finally got a proper view of what I honestly thought is a roller coaster. Turns out it isn’t what I thought it was, its this tower climbing thing, I really don’t know what it’s called. However, I noticed there’s a lounge on top the tower which can be used for a small party or sit out. It’s called the tower lounge.

I found a really tall Christmas tree at the center of the Park but the sun was going down so I couldn’t get a brighter view of it. The Christmas tree is actually taller than it looks on this photo. I also love how the park is decorated with lots of flowers, the view is lovely.

At night, the park really looks lovely due to the Christmas decorations that was done there. We specially waited till it got darker so we could view the Christmas lights in the park.

If you’ll be visiting the Port Harcourt pleasure park, i advice you go during a Week day because the crowd is less then and you get to enjoy every bit of the park without interference. We went on a monday and that was why we had almost all the time to sing different songs at the Karaoke. I bet we wouldn’t have sang more than 2 songs if it was a weekend. Well, since it’s Christmas, I doubt the park will ever be empty, even on week days. That’s because it’s the only recreational place in Port Harcourt especially for kids so be sure to find a crowd when you visit this feative season.

I hope you found this post interesting and helpful. Please leave a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe, like and share with your friends.

Have you visited the Port Harcourt pleasure park? What was your experience like and what were your expectations when you visited? Will you love to visit the park anytime soon?

Chidinma Ndukwe

18 thoughts on “A Tour | Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

  1. Nice view dear, I would love to visit whenever I travel to PH


    1. You should dear. Thanks for reading


  2. Oh my I love the night view…too pretty. I’ve heard of pleasure park shaa but I’ve never been there. Would have loved to go this Christmas but I don’t think I’ll appreciate the crowd. You didn’t say where its located though.


    1. Hi dear, it’s located along Aba road, Airforce junction,Port Harcourt.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well detailed post girl. …the pictures are so lovely! Makes me want to take the next available flight to port harcourt to visit the pleasure park๐Ÿ˜ƒ…sure you had fun


    1. Hahahaha yes darling, i had fun. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ


  4. You captured it so well in pictures. Now that I’ve read this, I really want to visit but maybe after the holidays, I don’t think I’ll love the crowd.


    1. Yes dear! You should try and visit. Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Omg,Reading this just makes me want to go the park asap,I have been procrastinating but definitely going there on the 25th


    1. Hahaha yes girl, you should visit. Have fun while at it ๐Ÿ˜˜


    1. Thanks dear ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ


  6. all the pictures are lovely, you sure look lke you had mad fun, I have found a spot if I should ever visit Port harcourt


  7. I love how clear your pictures are what do you use in taking them?


    1. Thank you Dee. I took the pictures with my phone, an iPhone 5.

      Liked by 1 person

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