Quick Makeup Look

Hi guys! This is officially my first makeup look on the beauty category of the blog, i hope you enjoy.

Well, I was feeling sad a few days ago but something just pushed me to go out and take a breath of fresh air so I decided to film what i did with my face and makeup. I’ll be posting a mini tutorial/video of how I achieved the look on Instagram . If you’re not following me i suggest you do so.

Its a very quick and simple fix (asides the lashes though) especially if you’re in a hurry. See pictures below.

PS : These pictures don’t do justice to the look and please, ignore my hair. Its actually better than what it looks like in these photos.

Products Used :

BlackOpal stick foundation (nutmeg)

BlackOpal Deluxe finishing powder (medium)

Davies eye pencil

Zaron brow definer

Zaron concealer (NZ10)

Almay intense colour liquid shadow + color primer

Kiss beauty eyeliner

Maybelline color tattoo

Fabulosity lipstick (woo)

• Here comes the snapchat filters

What do you think about the look guys? Is it something you would try?

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Chidinma Ndukwe

7 thoughts on “Quick Makeup Look

  1. What app do you use to edit your blog graphics?


  2. Seems the Zaron concealer works pretty fine ..been contemplating getting it or nah..btw u look lovely.


    1. Yes, I’ve tried the L.A girl concealer and I prefer the one from Zaron. Thanks dear


  3. Highlight pooping


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