This is my first post this year and i think its safe enough to welcome you to a new year so “Happy New Year” I pray this new year brings us closer to our dreams.

I also want to use this opportunity to thank everyone of you that keep coming back to my blog, those who subscribed and those who just keep lurking, thank you very much for your support, comments and likes on my blog, I appreciate you all.

PS : There will be some changes and rebranding on the blog as we progress this year so this is just a heads up.

However, today’s post is on how we can achieve our goals in 2018. To most people, 2017 came with it’s own stress, ups and downs, etc but God was kind enough to us as we were able to overcome them and led us to a new year. I remember writing down some plans at the beginning of 2017 but ended up not achieving most of them but towards the end of the year, I was determined and i ticked off some of them and these are a few things I did that worked for me.

1.Quit procrastination

One of the things that keeps us from achieving our set goals is procrastination and I’ve learnt the hard way. One thing i want to do this year is do things to stop procrastinating but sadly, I don’t know how to. I’ll simply keep pushing myself to do things I’ve planned/stated to do.

2.Write down your goals/plans

To be successful, you must write down your plans. Keeping a journal is very important when planning. That way, you embark on your goals one after the other and decide on how you plan to execute each one of them. Personally, I break down my plans in four quarters, that is; the first three months of the year will have a specific goal(s) i intend to achieve. Same goes for the rest of the other months. Just as my Pastor will say, “Any plan not documented is not a plan, but a vision”.

3.Never underestimate yourself

No matter what you do, never ever underestimate your potentials. It could get tough at times, inferiority complex might set in but determination, positivity, keeping the right company and believing God’s plan will always help you scale through.

4.Keep a positive mind about your goals

If you are not positive about your goals how else do you want to achieve them? Being positive also means keeping the right company of friends who motivate you to get better at what you do. Positivity cannot be overemphasized

5.Put God first

As simple as this is, it is also very important.

What I’m wearing

Denim jacket : MrPrice

Shorts : RedTag (thrifted)

Sandals : @gafasandals (IG)

Bag : Unknown (my sister calls it “Made in Aba” so yeah, MADE IN ABA lol)

Jewelries : @Kemzytrane (IG)

PhotCredit : @Kenechi_i (IG)

Did you find this post helpful?

What other things do you do in other to help achieve your set goals? Please share in the comment section, let’s help each other grow.

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7 thoughts on “TIPS TO TICKING GOALS IN 2018

  1. Fantastic one… Simple, short… But straight forward…. It’s the first time I’m reading your article… And I found it interesting… Keep it coming….


    1. Thanks a lot dear. I’m glad you find it interesting. Do stop by for more.


  2. Happy New Year. Is it too late to say that? I’m big on journaling this year. But breaking down the goals into quarters is a new one.
    I’m trying that out for sure. 🙂🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Year darling, it’s not yet late for that, i think. Thanks for reading 🙏🏾

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yes, you should try splitting the goals in to quarters, it makes it a bit easier.


  3. Amazing stuff dear.. Keep it up


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