White shirts and tees are a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe and seeing that I’m not a fan of shirts, (I go hard for tees) I’ve decided to grow some love for it and also incorporate it into my wardrobe. White shirts are classy and make you stand out, depending on how you decide to style it; it could be very easy for some while others never seem to get a hang of it.

However, I’ve put up this post to show you how not to look basic wearing a white shirt and here are a few tips that’ll help out when next you decide to wear that shirt hanging in your wardrobe.

1.Wear it backwards : One of my fav. bloggers Ada Oguntude inspired me to wear my shirt backwards and i guess it turned out well. You could also tie the shirt by making a knot behind (for tees) or in front.

Extra Tip : wear a blazer over your shirt or hang it on your shoulder to give off cool kid vibes *wink

2.Accessorize : You can never go wrong when it comes to accessories. Jewelries, glasses, scarfs, berets are items that can take a look from 10 to a 100 in no time.


3.Statement shoes : These are shoes that scream “look at me!”. They range from block heels, mules, gladiators and boots. The colour of shoe also comes to play.





4.Frayed jeans : Frayed jeans are trendy so it’ll be easy to cop one. I got this pair for a thousand Naira. You could also opt for shredded/ripped jeans or carrots.

5.Layering : This was one of the hottest trends in 2016/17 and I don’t think it’ll hurt if it continues in 2018. It can be achieved either with a coset, waist coat, jacket or wearing a slip dress over a shirt. Trust me, you can never go wrong layering your shirt or outfits.

How-style-a-white-shirt Photographed by : @cblazeagbi

Are you a fan of tees or shirts?What’s your favorite way of styling any?


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Outfit Details : White shirt – Custom made by @bespokefutureng | Glass : @kemzytrane | Trousers – MrPrice | Bag – Street vendor(unknown)| Shoe – Thrifted



15 thoughts on “HOW TO | STYLE A WHITE SHIRT

  1. Big fan of shirts. Your smile is forever beautiful 😘


  2. love it…especially the layering part. And your shoes are beautiful😍. Those cool things we get while thrifting💕


    1. Yes girl! Thrifting is the plug 👌🏾 thanks for reading

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this style post and your pictures are beautiful.


    1. Thanks dear. I’m glad you love it


  4. Beautiful!
    I need to pick me up some new white shirts, white can dress your outfit up or down so nicely


    1. Yes dear, you should. They look really classy. Thanks for reading

      Liked by 1 person

  5. White shirt is a major I can’t go without! Always super classy for me..nice post


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