”Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper to stay healthy”. This was my ordeal (the breakfast part though) as I ate breakfast prepared by

The Breakfast club is an online food service in Port Harcourt, Nigeria that caters healthy breakfast. They have a menu you can choose from and the prices are quite affordable; depending on your budget and what you what to eat.

My Order

Waffles (4 pcs) – 450 Naira

Grilled Chicken (3 pcs) – 500 Naira

Freshly squezed orange juice – 500 Naira

Vanilla milkshake – 500 Naira

Total = 1,850 Naira

* For a healthy breakie, I think the price of everything I got is okay, especially for someone on a budget.

* The waffles were infused with peanuts which made them a bit tasty. Asides that, I didn’t like the fact that they were not crunchy.

* I enjoyed eating the grilled chicken as it was very soft and moderately spiced.

* While I enjoyed every bit of the vanilla milkshake, I didn’t quite like the orange juice because of the after bitter taste but we’re eating healthy here so “yes” to orange juice!

After eating all these however, I felt so full that I had to skip lunch.

* As for customer service experience, I’ll rate the Breakfast club 100% as they were kind enough to suggest I add veggies to my meal.

Have you had breakfast from TheBreakfastClub?

What is your ideal breakfast?

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  1. This looks so yummy!I definitely will give the breakfast club a try soon


    1. Sure dear! You’ll definitely enjoy it


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