Happy new July! I’ve been AWOL here and I’m so sorry for the long silence. I’ve been caught up with lots of things which I’m about to share with you; basically what June was like.

Personal – I recently got a job in a corporate firm (9-5) which takes up most of my time and consist of one the major reasons I’ve been silent on the blog but I’m gradually getting my acts together, trying to manage my time better and stay organized in order to be able to create contents consistently for the blog, as well as my social media pages as I’m honestly tired of giving myself excuses as to why certain things have not been done. However, I’m glad to be back on this little space online.

June ‘18 Recap

Attended – One of the pre-events in preparation for the International Style Festival here in Port Harcourt which held at Coscharis motors and I was blown away by the luxury items they offer. I was also told I could come over for a free test drive, any Saturday of my choice, interesting right?

Well, the International Style Festival will commence this July and hopefully, I get to attend.

International Style Festival

International style festival

International style festival

Travel – I went on a short trip to Lagos in June and I didn’t want to leave but the madness in the city chased me back + I still have a job here that needs to be attended to.

Lagos living

Lagos living

Lagos living

Planning – To launch my website and online store soon but I’m waiting for things to fall into place; or rather, the right time, as a perfectionist I am *wipes tears

Determined – To take this blog serious and stay consistent as much as I can. Which is why I’ll be posting weekly. Still unsure of the exact day but expect to read something here each week (I’ll let you know on the day when I decide)

Excited – about my birthday, which is on the 15th so start sending in your gifts. I’m not much of a birthday person and the thought of doing something/going out on my birthday makes my heart race. Honestly, I’d rather sit at home and relax than do anything, which is really weird. Please send help! This year though, I want to do things  differently but don’t know how. I’m not going to stress it anyway.



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