South66 Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is fast gaining exposure and recognition as more and more small businesses keep sprouting almost everyday; mostly food business and according to those on Twitter, Port Harcourt is known for all kinds of food.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, by trying to capture this city in its glory and for those of you who haven’t, you need to go check out South66 ; birthed from the number of the property No. 66 Evo Road, is situated in GRA, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

This bistro and grill house is part of the few restaurants that popped up early this year and I love that it is located at the not so busy part of GRA (where all the fine places are, obviously). The outdoor setting was so appealing, the raffia mat ceiling caught my eyes as it felt like I was in a modern hut.

South66 Port Harcourt

On getting inside, I could have sworn I was in a different building because there was a huge difference between the outdoor and indoor aesthetics (sorry I couldn’t take any picture inside because it was a bit dark) but I guess the owner was going for two different settings so if the outdoor setting doesn’t suit your personality, the setting indoors would!

South66 Port Harcourt

With the low lights indoors, it looked and felt so intimate, like where you’d love to stay for dinner and I loved that the AC was functioning to maximum as we (Kenechi and I) immediately felt the sweat from our bodies dry up quickly.

After a while of admiring the whole place, cooling off, going back and forth with the menu, we decided to place an order.


South66 Port Harcourt
Price list

I ordered cocktail (Dirty Chapman) which tasted more like a mock-tail and the South66 platter which was ready in 20 minutes. The platter had chicken wings, meat balls, spring rolls, sausages and garlic bread. This platter would serve 2-4 persons, that means you can go with your squad!

South66 Platter – 3,500

Dirty Chapman – 1,500

South66 Port Harcourt
Cocktail (Dirty Chapman)

Spring Rolls & SausageThere was nothing so different about the spring rolls and sausages but i did enjoy it.

South66 Port Harcourt

Garlic Bread – This garlic bread is my favourite on the list. Maybe because I love anything with ginger or garlic as its main ingredient, I can’t say but it tasted so good; I almost placed an order for another set. On Kenechi’s part, he didn’t quite like it (taste buds are different) so I was left to eat the garlic bread which I didn’t hesitate to do LOL.

South66 Port Harcourt

Meat Balls – This has to be the spiciest meat balls I’ve ever tasted. At first sight, I was like, huh! but after I tasted it, oh boy!  I loved that it was a bit crunchy on the outside and still moist and tasty inside.

South66 Port Harcourt

Pepper Sauce – The sauce was so peppery I gave up after the third trial. I can’t come and kill myself!

South66 Port Harcourt

Chicken Wings – I saved this for last because it was my least favourite item on the platter. I love my chicken spicy and would have preferred if we weren’t served burnt chicken wings.

South66 Port Harcourt

Customer Service –  The staffs were all nice and friendly to us but it would have been a lot better if they knew what each item on the menu tastes like so they can be able to give good recommendation to customers.

Asides that, I enjoyed my stay at South66 and will definitely visit again because I really want to try their chicken wrap and burger.

South66 Port Harcourt

66 Evo Road, GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Instagram – @south66.phc

Website – south66ng.com

Have you been to South66? What was your experience like?

7 thoughts on “LET’S GO SOUTH | REVIEW

  1. stephanhimself July 19, 2018 — 8:35 pm

    Looks delicious! Pretty weird that they don’t know their own taste on the menu.


    1. Yeah! It was frustrating to be honest but we made the right choice at last. Thank you for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. If they told you how some of the food on their menu really tasted,
    You won’t purchase
    That’s the scope
    The food looks okay tho
    Nice post



    1. Hahahaha your’re so right!
      Thanks for reading.


  3. The ambience of south66 is really nice. I also liked how the outside was total different vibe from the inside. The food though, I can’t say much about that because my friend and I hated what we were served; I had a gourmet burger ( which was just garlic feast with burnt meat, I couldn’t even tell what kind cos the second bite was enough for me) and my friends chicken was severely burnt. Anyway, as much as I try anything else on their menu ( because I don’t like what I hate), I must say that if your goal is to have a good conversation and a drink, it wouldn’t be a bad choice. Nice review by the way


  4. *I will not try anything else on the menu


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