Confetti Beauty
Confetti Beauty

Do you also find it difficult during manicure sessions like me? The whole process of filing the nails and almost getting injured/bruised. This is the part I dread whenever I go to the saloon to get my nails done but guess what? You can avoid all this stress when you opt out for Press-on nails.

In case you’re wondering what Press-on nails are, they’re easy, ready to wear nails.  

Asides from the fact they come in different shapes and are reusable, press on nails are shapeable that is you can cut, file and shape them to your desired size.

Confetti Beauty


Confetti Beauty


Confetti Beauty just as the name implies, is a Nigerian beauty brand that deals on press-on nails, ranging from different sizes, shapes and colours. 

These nails from Confetti Beauty are not just beautiful, but also easy to wear and didn’t require any extra hand during application, which is basically the idea of press-on nails.

If you find it difficult committing to a particular nail color then press on nails are a go-to as you can easily apply nail polish on them and it’ll still look as good as new.

Confetti Beauty


Confetti Beauty


Confetti Beauty

Confetti Beauty

How to Apply : 

• Select the correct size of nails for each finger and set aside.

• Apply a thin line of glue onto your nails starting from the cuticle and ending at the tip

• Carefully press the nail on and hold down firmly while the glue dries for 30 seconds. File the tips into whatever shape and length you desire and viola!


My Thoughts :

I loved that the nails were very easy to apply and can be done without the help of anyone.

They stayed on for about a week without pulling out and guess what? They’re reusable.

The nails are a bit softer than regular nails  which is why I’ll advice you mind what you do so they don’t pull out easily.

You can contact Confetti Beauty here if you ever need a quick fix!

I hope you found this helpful.


Are press-on nails something you like? Have you tried any from Confetti Beauty?
Thanks for reading.


  1. Girl these pictures are bute!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

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  2. Awesomeness! I love this.


  3. attractive beauty tips. Thanks


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