I don’t think there’s ever a time tees and jeans will go out of style; at least not yet. I’ve been in situations where I couldn’t decide or choose what to wear out and a basic white tee and jeans would always come to the rescue.

It doesn’t have to be a white shirt to fit; as long as you feel comfortable in them.

Tees and jeans are simple but yet, classy outfits to wear, especially when you decide to style it by adding key pieces such as a pair of cat eye sunglasses, mules, sneakers or a blazer. The options to styling a tee and jeans are limitless.

You could however, opt for a mom jeans to add a vintage style to it and viola! You’re good to go.

Tees and jeans are one of the most worn street style fashion pieces. Street style is known to be originally attractive and authentic and offers alternative choices when it comes to styling and it tends to say something significant about those who wear it, and also make them stand out.

It evolves from an individual perspective of style and has nothing to do with runway shows/designers but rather, covers different styles of dressing, especially creating fashion statement by wearing a particular trend in clothing

What are some of your wardrobe essentials? Are tees and jeans part of it?

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  1. Tees and jeans are the plug mehn. Add chiffon tops to that too and you basically know half of my wardrobe. Lol.

    I love your teeeee.


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  2. Yassssss girl. Better come through with them pictures!!!

    I love the quality and I love mom jeans too. You make it look easy

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  3. Okay, I can totally rock that outfit. Now, I want a pair of mom jeans for myself!! 😥

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  4. helpful tips for style. Thanks


  5. I have seen your content very useful for today’s era. about basic white tee and jeans.


  6. You rocked this!
    My go to dressing code..doesn’t help that I have too many white shirts lol


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