Staying productive

It feels good to be finally writing / posting on the blog. I’ve missed this part of me and I’m so glad to be back here. On that note, happy new year!

2019 for me was a year of learning, unlearning and growth. I was basically just living and moving with the flow of things. From getting a certificate in digital marketing to finishing National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and starting a new job. It’s been a roller coaster but then this year, I’ve decided to be intentional and consistent at everything I do, especially my creative side.

In as much as I plan to be consistent at blogging and content creation this year, there are 3 top things I’m doing to live a more productive and intentional life.


1. A Morning / Night Time Routine

Creating a morning / night time routine doesn’t only help to keep me productive throughout the day, it also helps me track how my day was spent. Part of my morning routine include, a personal quiet time for prayer / meditation, reply messages & emails, create a daily to-do list and a little bit of exercise.

I noticed how energetic I feel during the day whenever I exercise and I’ve decided to start again and plan on registering in a gym later this year.

Part of my night time routine include ticking off my to-do list and lots of skincare activities.


2. Journaling

Part of my goal this year is to stay consistent with posting on the blog and journaling is a great way to start. I always prefer to write on paper but the notes app on my phone is easier to reach out for since I’m always on my phone.

I believe in writing in bits or immediately an idea pops in my head. This way, I’m able to draft different posts, build them up gradually and schedule them ahead of time.


3. Focusing On One Goal At A Time

I read about this method of achieving ones goal step by step from Amin of EverythingNaArt

This is how it goes:

Think about all your goals, then write down one particular goal you’ll like to achieve this month. Gradually work towards achieving that goal every single day of the month.

My goal for January was to publish two blog posts and each day that passes, I try as much as I can to either jot ideas, do a research or create / organize visual content for the post I plan to publish. That’s exactly how this post came to birth.

MyStyleMirror MyStyleMirror

I highly encourage you to try one of these tips as it has worked for me and still. I’m sure if you’re able to do at least one of these, you’ll see how organized and productive you get.

It’s a gradual process and doesn’t just happen overnight.


What are some of the things you’re adopting this year to be more productive?

Share with me, I’ll like to know and try them out!


  1. Beautiful WriteUp. I’m proud of you Hon. Keep up the good job.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this post. I truly believe in journaling things. It makes all the difference. Adopting a morning and an evening routine 👌🏿. I try but I think I more of go with the flow but I do have a planner that helps a lot. Writing down the things I would like to focus on throughout the week is key to me because then 2020 will pass and nothing will be accomplished. When you mentioned Amin, I smiled because she used to attend my church. She’s very passionate about what she does. Cheers to 2020. I hope that it will be an awesome year for you 🎉🎈😊


  3. Yes!! You’ve got this


  4. I enjoyed reading this. Have an awesome year ahead..


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