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Hi dear, welcome to my blog again and Happy New Month!

Today’s post is about a black dress, for short, LBD.

I guess we’ve all heard/read about this wardrobe stable called little black dress that can be dressed up and down for different occasions.

This is a wardrobe staple every lady should own, i hope I’m right? lol. Have you ever thought about getting the not so basic LBD? Well, keep reading for more.

This is a free-flowing gown which would probably look fitted on someone bigger than i am but i decided to use a gold belt so it can clench on my body and it looked pretty good.

I decided to style this dress with a black perplexed heels, even though i wanted to use a gold heels but well, *man proposes and God disposes* and as for the bag, i just threw in this cream colour bag because i had run out of options. What do you think though?

Gone are the days when black dresses were worn strictly for funerals. As a matter of fact, a lot of people nowadays prefer wearing black to other colours and i find that attractive.

To me, the not so basic LBD is a black dress that’s out of the regular, just like the one I’m wearing. Its a free-flowing gown with silver studs.

When buying a black dress, I suggest you pay attention to the little details it has, such as the sleeves, neckline, slits, and in this case, silver studs.

• You can decide to go for a dress with exaggerated sleeves, ball sleeves, etc.

• You can also choose between a round neckline, a u-neckline or off-shoulder, as the case may be.

• And as for slits, I’m not much of a fan but if you love this, then a badass slit would be perfect.

Black dresses are not meant to be boring, neither are they meant to look too simple so i suggest you pay attention to all these (I’m open to your suggestions though).

This outfit can be dressed differently and worn to church, the mosque, if you want, a wedding or social function, depending on the individual.

What’s your opinion about black as a colour? Do you own a black dress? How would you style a black dress, or in this case, LBD?

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Chidinma Ndukwe

10 thoughts on “Fashion | Not So Basic LBD

  1. I don’t even own a black dress😖 but I hope I get soonest. I love your dress tho😍


    1. Yes, Zaynab. I hope you get one too, Thanks for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You look stunning dear


  2. Black has always been Bae and will remain Bae. Anywhere anytime, it just fits in.


    1. That’s good to know, thanks for stopping by Udochi


  3. LBDs are life savers when you have no idea what to wear; you look stunning by the way


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