Hello! Welcome to my blog, I’m glad you found yourself here. My name is Chidinma Ndukwe;  a digital content creator, media enthusiast and communicator. I am passionate about a lot of things and I write on a few of them – Fashion, Beauty, Food, People, Culture and Photography.

Here are a few things about me you may/may not know!

mystylemirror is a Nigerian fashion and lifestyle blog that focuses on personal style and life in general. It was created to showcase my love for fashion by sharing styling tips, fashion inspirations, ideas and opinions about things I’m passionate about, adventures and life lessons.

I started mystylemirror out of boredom in uni. and a means to develop a skill in writing but I’ve gradually been able to define what I want to do with this space online and I’m glad you’re part of this journey.

Visit my home page for all the nice, fun and captivating stories of myself. 

With all that said, let’s get this thing rolling…… 😊😊

For general inquiries, suggestions, collaborations and advertising, please contact mystylemirror@gmail.com

Interest includes content creation, fashion styling, personal shopping, advertising, sponsored posts and social media promotion.

Instagram : @chidinma_n

Facebook : Chidinma Ndukwe

Pinterest : My Style Mirror


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