1. picture, especially a painting, done in different shades of a single color.

2. The state of being in a single color.

Styling Monochrome

In as much as Monochromes are one of the easiest trend to style, a little mistake could mar your outfit. They require little or no efforts.

what I like about this fashion trend is the fact that you can wear a particular colour of jeans and blouse (or different shades of a particular colour) and still look amazing. This is because monochrome fashion has evolved from the regular black and white we are used to.

Creating a monochromatic look Head-to-toe color may sound overwhelming, but if you focus on a ready to go shade, it quickly becomes very wearable. Whether you go with army green, black, blue, etc. Ensure you find a shade that suits you.

In fact, you probably already have certain colors that you gravitate towards in your wardrobe, that can serve as a starting point. I chose an army green shade for a reason. I love how this colour blends with my skin tone and I see it as a rare shade.

How To Style Monochrome


A Subtle Guide To Style Monochrome


Outfit Details

T-shirt : @kemzytrane

Denim : Thrifted

Slippers : Zara Basic Collection (Thrifted)

Straw Bag : Lekki Arts and Craft Market

Different textures and accessories work well when styling monochrome. However, I decided to go for solids in this army green T-shirt and denim trousers, black Zara mules and a straw bag to complete my outfit.

One thing is for sure, when wearing a monochromatic look, all eyes will be on you, so make sure your styling is on point and you can’t miss.


A Subtle Guide To Style Monochrome

Photographed by : @_the_brethren




A Subtle Guide To Style Monochrome

TIPS To Style

  • Mix and match the same colour of top and pants or mix and match different shades of a particular colour.


  • Always style monochromes with a different colour of bag/purse and shoes. This creates a smooth blend of colours.


  • Accessories give matching colors a sort of variety but it doesn’t necessarily have to be an exact match to your outfit. Stick to one or two matching accessories at most, anymore then that will be overkill


How to style Monochrome

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it?

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Is monochrome something you’ll love to try?

What colour would you choose if you decide to try a monochromatic outfit and how would you style it?



  1. I’ve always loved monochrome outfits but I always shy away from styling them cos I don’t want to look like a douchebag. However if I were to attempt it I’ll be leaning towards blues, blacks, brown basically nude colors lol. But you did well, outfit looks so comfy and stylish as well. 👏🏽👏🏽


    1. Nudes are super stylish and I’m sure you’ll nail the look, you always do.
      Thanks for the compliments.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love dark colours, so I’ll definitely go with dark colours. Your style is perfect btw


    1. Thank you! Black on black would be a good match then.


  3. chioma ibegbunam April 16, 2019 — 6:32 pm

    it is not enough that the style is uniquely awesome, the person wearing the outfit is very beautiful.


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