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I know I’ve been away from the blog for a while now guys. I’ve been so unmotivated and busy to make a blog post or stay active on the gram. If you follow me on IG Chidinma_n you’ll know I haven’t been posting for a while now. I never knew final year could be this hectic and stressful *inserts tired emoji well, I keep praying to God to see me through successfully.

I’m here to show y’all what has kept my skin on the lowest level of breakout this stressful period. I always experience stress pimples during periods when I’m overly stressed but i think I’ve found a remedy to it and I’ll be sharing it with you.

1. Oriki illuminating enhancer


This serum is bomb guys! I’ve never really used a serum but after i tried this one from Oriki, i got hooked. It comes in a small bottle which i think is really really small. I call it small but mighty at times because it works magic. I only apply this serum to my problem areas (my chin, under eye and forehead) to avoid lightening my entire skin. Ever since I started using this product, the dark circles underneath my eyes seems to have cleared up. It took like 2weeks before i started noticing changes tho, that’s the thing with organic skincare products. You just have to be patient and consistent with it. I use this product only at night and i try as much as possible to be consistent with it.

2. Tea tree facemask by Deeza Organics

Yes guys! I’m a fan of natural skincare products, especially when it involves facials. I purchased this product in January and since then I’ve never been consistent with using it untill recently when i decided not to waste it. I basically just apply a little portion to my face and neck mostly at night and rinse off after 5/10 minutes. I intend to incorporate it into my morning routine tho, let’s see how it goes. Hopefully, I’ll post a review on the face mask soon.

These are basically what i use on my face asides the Apricot face and body scrub i use to exfoliate.

Are you a skincare enthusiast like me? What products do you use? I’ll love to read about yours in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

Chidinma Ndukwe

14 thoughts on “Skincare | Oriki x Deeza organics

  1. Welldone girl, I should probably try it out too.i understand your plight with the lack of blogging spirit some


    1. Yes dear, you should. Thanks for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey I’d have loved to see the price and where you got it from.


      1. I got the serum as a gift but you can check their page on IG @orikigroup


  3. Beautiful review of these two products. Well done girl.


  4. I admit that I’m not really one who takes care of my skin and I really need to do better. However with products I’ve noticed that they work great at first but when the skin starts getting used to it, it seems it is not as effective. And as for not having enough time to blog, no worries girl, the blog can wait. Face your studies and make momma and daddy proud. By the way your highlight is definitely poping in the first picture.
    Princess Audu

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Princess! Literally can’t wait to be done.


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